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addiction counselling and therapy


Addiction Counsellor Toronto


Addiction Counselling and Therapy: the cornerstone of recovery

While many people believe that they can overcome their addictions by themselves, without any support, this almost never works. Support comes in many forms, ranging from family members to professionals in the physical and mental health arenas. In order for an individual to truly recover and have the ability to live a healthy, productive, enjoyable life, he or she needs an entire support network that encompasses family, close friends and caring professionals. The addiction counselling and therapy program at Addiction Rehab Toronto is designed to incorporate multiple avenues of support.

family counselling and therapy

One-on-one counselling

Addictions rarely come out of nowhere. In most cases, they are the result of some underlying issues. Exploring these issues and resolving them is an essential part of recovery: if this step is not taken, the individual has a greater risk of relapse. Regular one-on-one counselling sessions provide our clients with a safe, non-judgmental place for this exploration to happen. They are guided through the process of learning about themselves and their patterns of thought and behaviour. In a setting of complete confidentiality, clients are able to open up about things that might otherwise be left unresolved.

Group counselling

People with addictions tend to isolate themselves, either to engage in self-destructive behaviour by themselves, or because they feel alone. Group therapy helps to break this pattern while providing clients with a network of support. It enables residents to develop their social skills in preparation for building a new life after their inpatient treatment is over.

The group counselling program incorporates several elements, including the following:

  • Topic-based group: residents share their thoughts, feelings and experiences about a particular topic, led by a staff member who is an expert in that field. The discussions enable group members to gain alternative perspectives while exploring their own thoughts. Topics include anger management, healthy boundaries, anxiety, fear, triggers, relapse prevention and much more.
  • Psychotherapy process group: residents are given the opportunity to explore areas for potential change in their personal lives and in their relationships with other people. Group members are encouraged to talk as openly as they can about their interactions with one another, so that they can gain broader perspectives on how their conscious and subconscious thoughts are mirrored in their relationships.
  • Team building activities: residents work together on tasks and challenges in a way that builds trust and self-esteem. They are provided with opportunities to contribute their own unique strengths while gaining from the perspectives of fellow group members.

Family Counselling and therapy

Like many illnesses, addiction does not only affect the individual. Families and close friends become involved as they attempt to help the person with the addiction. At Addiction Rehab Toronto, we regard loved ones as an integral part of the healing process. Our recovery program includes family counselling, facilitated by caring professionals, that focuses on areas including the following:

  • Resolution of conflicts and resentment
  • Exploring ways for friends and family members to avoid enabling the individual’s substance abuse, either financially or psychologically
  • Placing emphasis on family well-being, which may have been neglected during the period of substance abuse
  • Addiction and recovery education

Art therapy

Art therapy provides a creative outlet for clients to express themselves when verbal communication becomes difficult or overwhelming. It is an effective holistic recovery method when used in conjunction with other treatment methods. A professional art therapist facilitates creative activities like painting, drawing, collages and sculpting.

Other forms of counselling and therapy

At Addiction Rehab Toronto, we recognize the uniqueness of people who suffer from addictions. Counselling and therapy options are available to meet a wide variety of needs, and all treatment plans are customized for our clients.

Other counselling and therapy methods that may be used include the following:

  • Music therapy
  • Yoga and meditation therapy
  • Self-portrait photography

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