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residential cocaine addiction rehab

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Residential Cocaine Addiction Rehab in Toronto, Ontario


Cocaine Addiction Treatment in Toronto, ON

Cocaine addiction treatment program, with 24/7 care in Toronto, Ontario. We employ an abstinence based, holistic approach to recovery. Each client’s treatment program is determined by their individual needs. Our staff will develop a unique and highly individualized treatment plan.

cocaine addiction treatment methods

Cocaine addiction treatment methods

Here is what to expect once a new resident is admitted for cocaine addiction treatment:

  1. Assessment: Upon admission, all residents are fully assessed by a multidisciplinary team of addiction professionals, in order to help develop a treatment program for the individual.
  2. Detoxification: If required, new residents will undergo detoxification. This will help the minimize the withdrawal symptoms which might otherwise be uncomfortable. Detox is completed in a safe, secure and professionally supervised environment. This step is not necessary; however, the option is available if required.
  3. Inpatient cocaine addiction treatment: Once a client is stabilized from the detox they are able to start our intensive inpatient cocaine treatment. Our highly unique and individualized treatment programs can include:
  • One-on-one counseling to allow the client to privately address the underlying issues. Our addiction counselors and therapists help clients identify, understand and treat the root cause of the addiction such as, trauma, anxiety and depression. This helps the individual improve his or her chances to achieve and maintain a long life recovery.
  • Group counseling and therapy sessions. Group counseling session topics may include:
    • Relapse prevention
    • Coping mechanisms
    • Managing relapse triggers
    • Anger management
    • Developing self-esteem
    • Managing cravings
    • Team building activities
    • Trust building activities
    • Self-awareness
    • How to repair relationships with loved ones
    • Having fun sober
    • Experience sharing
  • Family counseling and therapy to help repair broken relationships and help the family heal from addiction.
  • Various recreational activities to help reduce cravings, and help the client find alternative activities to replace cocaine use.
  • Art therapy, music therapy, self-portrait photography.
  • Yoga and meditation
  • Nutrition counseling
  • Physical fitness and personal training
  • Pilates
  • Access to recreational amenities.

Our inpatient cocaine addiction treatment programs are designed to treat the whole individual-mind, body and spirit. We aim to address the totality of the cocaine use, and not just the addiction.

Cocaine Addiction Aftercare

Aftercare is essential in the cocaine addiction treatment recovery process. Addiction Rehab Toronto offers a lifetime aftercare program to ensure that our client’s have ongoing support, and do not relapse, after the inpatient phase is over.

What is Cocaine addiction?

Cocaine has a somewhat illustrious history. In the late nineteenth century, Sigmund Freud recommended its use as a medical treatment for depression and – ironically – substance abuse. It became legally available for use in medications and carbonated beverages. As the resulting rise in the use of cocaine became linked with some undesirable effects, governments started to ban it or restrict its use.

Classed as a stimulant, cocaine makes people feel alert, energetic and euphoric. It also creates a tolerance to these effects. In other words, users have to consume ever-increasing amounts of it is order to feel those effects.

Although cocaine was originally derived from the leaves of the coca bush, it is often synthetically made in illegal laboratories. Manufacturers often mix the cocaine with other substances, and this makes the addiction and the withdrawal potentially dangerous.

Cocaine addiction is often paired with other substance abuse problems.

How does Cocaine addiction affect people?

Cocaine use can have serious long-term consequences, not only for the user, but for other people. Some of the effects include the following:

  • Mood swings and irrational behaviour
  • Difficulty sleeping or eating
  • Increased risk of heart disease or respiratory problems
  • Impotence
  • Pregnant women can give birth to babies who suffer from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, which means the babies are born addicted to cocaine

Cocaine Addiction Symptoms

People who are experiencing cocaine addiction can show a number of physical and behavioural signs, including the following:

  • Financial or legal problems resulting from household and creditor funds being used to finance the addiction
  • Physical or verbal aggression
  • Restlessness, anxiety and irritability
  • Continued use of the drug even when the user is aware that it is causing problems
  • A dry mouth, elevated heart rate and rapid breathing
  • Dilated pupils
  • Withdrawal symptoms when the user has gone without cocaine for a period of time: these include nausea, vomiting and chills
  • Frequent mood swing and irrational behaviour

When someone is addicted to cocaine, the drug gradually takes over their life. They become consumed with the need to get more cocaine, and this starts to affect their relationships with loved ones.

Time to seek Cocaine rehab treatment?

Cocaine is one of the easiest drugs to become addicted to, largely because of how it makes a person feel. Classified as a stimulant, it creates a sense of euphoria, makes the user feel confident among people, and generates a sense that all is well with the world. Some regular users believe that cocaine simply makes them function better in society. They do not see their use of the drug as a problem.

With regular use, however, two things happen. First, the user develops a tolerance for the feeling of euphoria and has to take more of the drug to achieve the same result. Secondly, the lengths of time between uses get shorter and shorter.

If you or a loved one cannot tolerate social situations without cocaine, or if you start to feel anxious when you don’t have access to the drug, it could be time to look into a cocaine addiction treatment centre.

Outpatient Cocaine Rehab

Our inpatient facility that provides cocaine addiction treatment in Toronto, Ontario. We operate in an environment that is free from blame or judgment. We never make people feel bad about addiction, as we make them feel good about taking the step to join our program. We offer hope, and we work towards showing our clients how they can overcome their addictions and lead positive, productive lives.

To start the journey to recovery for yourself or a loved one, please contact us.

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