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Supervised detox for safer withdrawal


Medical Detox in Toronto, ON

Frequent use of drugs or alcohol can result in dependency. This means that users become so accustomed to having the substance in their bodies that they believe they cannot survive without it. The human body is designed to react with physical symptoms when it is deprived of something that it thinks is essential, and drugs and alcohol are no different.

For example, when we stop drinking water, we experience thirst. When we stop eating, we get hungry. When we stop using a substance that our bodies have become dependent on, we go through a set of withdrawal symptoms.

The body does this in order to warn us that it is running out of the substance, and that we should get more. We alleviate thirst by drinking water, and we alleviate hunger by eating. In the same way, people with drug addictions or alcohol addictions instinctively manage their withdrawal symptoms by seeking more drugs or alcohol.

If they do not get the substances into their bodies soon enough, the withdrawal symptoms become more severe. In some cases, they can cause serious illness, or even death. Our professionally supervised detox is a way to keep people with addictions safe from self-harm or illness while their bodies are becoming used to surviving without the drugs or alcohol.


What withdrawal symptoms are common?

The withdrawal symptoms depend on many factors, including the nature of the substance, the amount and frequency of use, the age and physical wellbeing of the user, history of mental health conditions and more.

Some withdrawal symptoms affect the physical functioning of the body:

  • Muscle aches or spasms
  • Loss of gross or fine motor skills
  • Headaches
  • Elevated heart rate, tremors and excessive sweating
  • Dehydration
  • Change in appetite
  • Gastrointestinal problems
  • Difficulty getting to sleep, staying asleep or waking up
  • Illness due to a compromised immune system

Other withdrawal symptoms are more psychological in nature. Their severity should not be discounted, since they can include suicidal thoughts and a tendency for the user to self-harm or become violent toward others. These symptoms include the following:

  • Mood swings
  • Physical or verbal aggression
  • Suicidal thoughts or a compulsion for self-injury
  • Impulsiveness or lack or regard for the safety of self or others
  • Panic attacks, anxiety or depression

What happens during detox?

Clients who come to Addiction Rehab Toronto needing detox are placed under the care of a doctor, who ensures that they are safe and well taken care of during their period of withdrawal. Like all other aspects of our addiction treatment programs, the form of care given during Drug detox or Alcohol detox is tailored to the needs and circumstances of the individual. Some people need to be shown some simple lifestyle changes that can help them alleviate their symptoms; others need constant supervision to protect them from life-threatening symptoms such as suicidal thoughts or dehydration.

Supervised detox results in better results

People who are under professional care during the difficult period of withdrawal benefit in a number of ways:

  • They are kept safe as they experience frightening physical and psychological symptoms
  • They are shown how they can manage their symptoms and their cravings
  • Their physical needs are taken care of while their bodies are adjusting to functioning without drugs or alcohol
  • They have a lower chance of relapse
  • They start to realize that their bodies and minds can and will function well without substances

For more information about the detox centre Toronto services provided by Addiction Rehab Toronto, please call us at 1-855-787-2424 or email

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