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Online Addiction Counselling Toronto


Online Addiction Counselling Program in Toronto, ON

Addiction Rehab Toronto is proud to offer you Online Counselling sessions. You are now able to have therapy sessions right from the comfort of your own home. The first consultation or assessment is free, this way we are able to establish a connection with you and ensure that you receive the full one hour sessions.


Who is Online Counselling for?

These sessions are designed for those who don’t have transportation or find it difficult to come face-to-face to our facility.

  • Families or individuals living in rural or suburban areas where social services and resources are limited.
  • Business Owners, Managers, and other levels of higher personnel looking for help but are unable to take time from work to attend counselling.
  • Those who have barriers with commuting, mobility, transportation.
  • Individuals with specific fears, anxieties, or other difficulties that limit their ability to leave their home or residency.
  • Parents that struggle to find care for their child or children while they attend counselling.
  • Those seeking couples counselling but are unable to come to the facility together due to various factors.

Offered in a package of 4 one-hour sessions, please call +1 (855) 787 – 2424 to ask for pricing.

As a prerequisite to online counselling services at Addiction Rehab Toronto, the following information will be collected:

  • Name and email
  • Method of Payment (Credit card)
  • Time and Date of the appointment
  • Any specialized needs or wants

These are individual counselling sessions where Addiction Rehab Toronto would arrange specific counsellors or therapists to work with you. Addiction Rehab Toronto is a client-centered facility, which designs treatment according to client needs and requests. If you would like to meet your counsellor during your online counselling sessions in person, that can also be arranged.

These sessions can be arranged over the phone or through our Live Chat on our website. Call in for more information – +1 (855) 787 – 2424. Registration and payment is fast and easy. Take the time to fill out our online Speak to a Professional online form and describe any requests you may have for your counselling sessions. It may be the need for a male or female counsellor, younger or older; we will do our best to accommodate to your needs.

After confirmation of payment, please allow 48 to 72 hours to schedule your first counselling session.

If you experience any difficulties accessing our online aftercare counselling platform, you are able to contact us at +1 (855) 787 – 2424 and we will do our best to solve any issues. If you are unable to enter the session online, there will be the option of calling in from your phone and be apart of counselling from your cell or landline.

Research shows that online counselling is as good way as maintaining long term sobriety as face to face counselling for almost every issue that a person would present.


At Addiction Rehab Toronto, we place anonymity and privacy at the highest level of importance. We value and respect the well-being of all of our clients and ensure their reputation is protected. We use a secure and encrypted platform for online counselling for this reason.

Benefits of Online Counselling

Web counselling is easily accessible and available to those who have an internet connection and a microphone. It is beneficial to have a web camera, it is not absolutely necessary however. Most laptops have a microphone built in and should be sufficient enough to establish a session. The barriers that come with having to meet in person are next to gone, this way we can help almost everyone.

Those who are physically disabled or unable to leave their home can easily access our online services. Web counselling has also proven to be helpful in encouraging those in the 18 – 25 age range to receive therapy as they are more comfortable going online.


Those living in rural or remote suburban areas where there is no counselling service nearby can benefit from the convenience of online counselling. Those who have anxiety speaking or coming to a treatment facility will benefit from this service as well.


Without the expenses of commuting, web counselling has shown to be more affordable. Especially with facilities that are limited with space due to full capacity.

Social Stigma

Those who experience a stigma with receiving in-person therapy, online counselling is a solution that will allow access to help. Clients may be more comfortable opening up and speaking their mind from the comfort of their own home.


While there are many benefits of online counselling, it has been criticized that important verbal and non-verbal cues are missing. There is also the difficulty with those who struggle technologically. Therefore we recommend, if possible, to attend treatment in-person.

Addictions and Mental Health practitioners have an ethical responsibility to maintain and protect confidentiality of clients.

Tips for Online Counselling:

  1. Be prepared. The day your counselling session is about to start, take the time to prepare beforehand. If you have technical issues or poor wifi, you will lose valuable counselling time. Your therapist will wait for you, but may have another session right after.
  2. Proper lighting. It may be better for the therapy session if the counsellor can see you, make sure there is enough lighting in the room.
  3. Follow Web Conferencing Platform Instructions. When it is confirmed that you will be attending the therapy sessions, follow the instructions to set up accordingly. We have provided an instructional video link that will display how to set up properly. Make sure your ad blocker is turned off if you have one and close any unnecessary programs.
  4. Ensure no interruptions. If you live with others, find a location where you won’t be bothered and you will have uninterrupted time. If you need to, let people know ahead of time that you will be occupied during your therapy session.
  5. If you can, use headphones. This will make sure you hear the therapist clearly and get rid of background noise. If you have headphones with a microphone attachment and you are using your laptop, if you plug it into the headphone jack, the microphone on your headphones or earbuds will likely work as well.
  6. Have a drink nearby. Bring water, tea, coffee or any drink you can have in order to have no interruptions.
  7. Eat before, not during the session. You may feel comfortable eating while chatting with friends and family online however this can be a major distraction during your therapy session.
  8. Have tissues nearby. You may experience and need to confront difficult emotions, it is common that therapy triggers anxiety, stress, fear, that can lead to emotional cleansing.
  9. Turn off or silence your cellphone. This is a common distraction and can negatively affect the quality of your therapy session. Turn off your cellphone or place it on silences so it does not distract you. Also, turn off pop-up notifications on your computer or laptop.
  10. Use the washroom before attending the therapy session. This way the time assigned for therapy will be uninterrupted.

If you would like to receive counselling or are interested to hear more about our treatment program, don’t hesitate to call us at +1 (855) 787-2424.

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