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Sober Living Facility


Sober Living Toronto, ON

At Addiction Rehab Toronto’s transitional Sober house, our mission statement is to support the clients to reintegrate back into society with the correct tools and coping skills he/she will need to be successful in recovery.

Here are some of the tools we provide to make that possible:

  • Introduction to 12 step based programs
  • CBT/DBT therapy
  • Smart Recovery
  • One on one counselling
  • Life skills
  • Goal setting
  • Random drug testing
  • Time management
  • Daily reflections and Meditation
  • Vocational skills for those who require it
sober living in toronto

Sober Living in Toronto

Addiction doesn’t start overnight and it will not be cured overnight either. After intensive therapy to detox and begin healing, many patients are benefitted by moving into a sober living facility. Toronto area facilities offer a bridge between rehab and a return to everyday life. Addiction Rehab Toronto believes in providing our patients with the best possible tools to continue recovery and prevent relapse and our sober living facility programs are one of the many ways we do this.

What is a Sober Living Facility?

A sober living environment is one where a patient can slowly adjust to life after a rehab facility. These are homes with other patients that provide some of the support and supervision that you received during treatment with more freedom. While this environment is less restrictive than a treatment facility, it still provides much of the structure that patients need to reinforce the habits and lessons they learned during rehabilitation.

What to Expect During Your Stay in a Sober Living Facility, Toronto

When you move to a sober living home, you will have more independence than you were allowed during treatment. You can come and go as you need to in order to begin managing your responsibilities and everyday life again. Other features and restrictions include:

  • Curfews: While you are allowed to leave as needed, curfews are still imposed to give patients structure and reduce temptations of the outside world.
  • Therapy Sessions: You will have regular meetings with your fellow housemates and patients to keep communication open and discuss progress, difficulties and other concerns.
  • Reinforcement of Treatment: Much of sober living is geared towards strengthening what you achieved during treatment to reduce chances of relapse.
  • Building of Relationships: By living with others who are dealing with the same issues, we help you foster friendships that will strengthen resolve and give you support beyond your time in the facility.

Determining Your Need for a Sober Living Facility in Toronto

Not every rehab patient goes into a sober living facility, though many can benefit from it. At Addiction Rehab Toronto, we prescribe this living situation based on your individual needs and goals. To learn more about our caring treatment options, call 855-787-2425.

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